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Improve the quality of life of people and pets by developing new technologies in the field of medical diagnostics.

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Vet-wave - The future of ear examinations is here


Transforming audiology through innovative technologies in the medical and veterinary fields

Thanks to innovative patents and diagnostic protocols developed in collaboration with research institutes and universities, in order to offer easy and effective solutions for medical staff and patients.


the team

  • Emanuele Accardo

    Development & Production

  • Alberto Finazzi

    Development & Production

  • Giampietro Favaro

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Rosita Genovese

    Quality & Regulatory Coordinator

  • Camilla Dal Bò

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Luca Angeli

    Head of International Sales & Marketing

  • Prof. Maurizio Dondi

    Scientific Vet Coordinator

  • Elena Campagnol

    Administrative secretary


Innovation and development

Neuranix is classified as an innovative company that develops and produces medical devices for people and pets, as part of Smart & Start.

Through the acquisition of a new patented technology and thanks to the collaboration with specialists in the sector, we are able to develop solutions and specific applications in the audiological field, able to respond to the needs of humans and domestic companion animals.

Today Neuranix owns one patent in the audiological field and has two more pending for approval. These patents are currently applied in two products; Vet-Wave and Med-Wave. The first, developed for the veterinary world, is already being commercialized, while the second, for human use, will be launched by the end of 2021.


Veterinary medical tools

In the animal world, ear infections and other ear disorders are extremely common. Especially for cats and domestic dogs this can be caused by a number of unrelated conditions. Besides the medical history anamnesis and a general physical examination, there is nothing else today except more advanced and expensive diagnostic procedures (CT - RM), which are performed depending on the results of the initial veterinary evaluation.

Vet-Wave introduces a new diagnostic examination allowing the non-invasive study of the external and middle ear, and therefore considerably increasing the diagnostic and preventive check-up capacity of small animal ear disorders in veterinary facilities.

Today there is no similar product like VET-WAVE in the veterinary market. It’s introduction could therefore considerably increase the diagnostic capacity of small animal ear disorders in veterinary facilities.

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Human medical devices

The current tympanometer technology is more than 60 years old and it has the disadvantages of requiring pressure on the ear and that the measurement takes several seconds. It is therefore a difficult test for infants, young children and pathological patients who do not support the pressure applied to the ear as they suffer painful periods of often repeated testing.

MED-Wave positions itself as the first non-invasive painless impedance test, representing a substantial evolution with respect to the products currently on the market.
MED-Wave allows to perform the examination without putting the ear under pressure and profits from a highly automated procedure based on algorithms and an automatically controlled centering process that triggers the acquisition of the data. This makes the test executable even by non-specialized personnel.

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