NEURANIX and DP MEDICAL have partnered to exclusively distribute the med-wave® device in the UK and Ireland

Neuranix has signed an important agreement with a leading supplier in the medical field, DP Medical Systems, to spread its innovative med-wave® technology also throughout the UK and Ireland.


Neuranix has chosen DP Medical as its exclusive distributor after seeing the determination the company applies in developing and expanding its business by focusing primarily on the innovation that med-wave® brings to the sector.
Known as the Gentle Middle Ear Analyzer because no pressure is required, the med·wave® device ensures absolutely painless, non-invasive middle-ear testing.

Based in London, DP Medical is acclaimed in the fields of ENT, gynaecology, dentistry and forensic medicine and has exciting growth plans to become market leader in each niche area.

“We’re excited about working with DP Medical Systems and bringing all our innovation and the med-wave® device to the UK and Ireland. Emerging technologies play an important role in DP Medical product development. The company works as an exclusive agent only for the products of leading global manufacturers, so we can be rightly proud of entering into important partnership with such a successful leader.” – Neuranix Executive Director, Fabio Gomiero.

DP Medical Commercial Director Owen Pemberton had this to say: “As a faster, gentler, less invasive ear exam that benefits both clinicians and patients, the med-wave® device is an innovative instrument that otolaryngologists and paediatricians will undoubtedly welcome. We look forward to demonstrating med-wave® features to ENT specialists across the country.”
Based on patented PLAI™ (Pressure Less Acoustic Immittance) methodology, the Neuranix med·wave® device offers a new approach to analysing the middle ear.
This partnership with DP Medical is only the first of a series of international partnerships that Neuranix intends to sign in the near future.

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