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Transforming audiology diagnostics


Neuranix is an innovative company that develops and produces diagnostic devices for pathologies of the middle ear.
The holder of various patents in audiology for the development of the med·wave® device, Neuranix bases its technology on PLAI® Pressure Less Acoustic Immittance methodology

“At a young age, I was diagnosed with cholesteatoma, a benign recurring middle ear disease that led to infinite trips to the doctor and several ear surgeries. What I really hated were the ear tests. I shed a lot of tears as a child because they hurt, they felt invasive, and they were slow because the doctor had to repeat the exam several times.

As I grew up, I thought that it must be possible to make this testing equipment more friendly and less invasive. And this why I founded Neuranix, to bring more user- and patient-friendly test equipment to diagnose and monitor hearing diseases”

Filip E.A. Moens
Neuranix Founder and CEO









Transforming audiology diagnostics


New technology for middle ear analysis making gentler, faster and more comprehensive ear exams.

The clinical need

Whenever they had to assess tympanic functions, for decades audiologists could only use diagnostic tools based on the same technology of applying pressure into the ear canal and measuring just one single frequency. Extensive use was severely limited because the pressure was too painful for pediatric settings, post-operation monitoring, or people with ear pathologies. Neuranix developed PLAI® Methodology precisely for this purpose.


At Neuranix, research and development leads to new synergies in audiology diagnostics. Ideas take form. Innovation extends in every direction. Having completed the first clinical trials in which states of normality, otitis and perforation were assessed, we have now begun the second round of multi-center testing to analyse more complex ear conditions.


Neuranix invests in research every day, interacting constantly with leading universities and institutes, specialized clinical structures, professionals. We make sure our research effort rises to the highest standards of science and principles of professional ethics.

Transforming Audiology Diagnostics into simpler and gentler medical devices.

Middle ear analysis currently requires instruments with several disadvantages. Probes must be inserted in the external ear canal. Probe size and shape must be scrupulously selected and checked for maximum pressure resistance before the vacuum can be applied. The testing process is not very gentle.

The Neuranix mission is to develop better, gentler ways of making middle ear analysis and diagnosis using simpler testing. Painlessly. Objectively.


We build a cooperative environment with our customers and distributors by listening, identifying needs, and implementing feedback from the market.

Customer experience

Neuranix's goal is to transform the customer relationship into a unique experience by providing outstanding after-sales support.


The Neuranix team holds a wealth of unique skills: the exploitation of their know-how and experience contribute to enrich the process of continuous knowledge.

Corporate Quality Policy

Neuranix stands committed to building relationships of trust and cooperation with medical professionals, improving the lives of patients, and organizing itself to a Corporate Quality Policy and ensuring compliance with it.


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We offer an innovative, international, and dynamic environment that is constantly expanding. Our team shares common values of partnership, professionalism, success, and a great passion for our work.

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